System detect 3000

Complexity in perfection

The fire alarm system detect 3000 and the corresponding detectors and modules of the loop3000 -protocol are established as a future oriented system in the domestic and international markets. It can be autoaddressed or manually addressed and offers a wide accessory portfolio to enable solutions in all applications

System detect 3000 features:

  • Highest reliability and fastest detection of fires
  • Best resistance against disturbance values
  • Completely certified according to European and national standards
  • Easiest programming, operation and display
  • Easy installation and fault diagnostics
  • Suitable for different projects and applications
  • High variety in detector design
  • Certified according to EN 54 standards

The system detect 3000 – flexible, robust and time-saving with easy operation

BMZ detect 3004plus

detect 3004 plus

The modular fire alarm panel detect 3004plus is the basic version of a broad product portfolio of the system detect 3000. Up to 20 fire control panels can be configured in a network.
Up to 4 loops with up to 126 devices can be connected per panel which enables system solutions with up to 10.080 addressable loop3000 -components. A modern configuration and diagnostic tool ensures highest program stabilities and easy operation.
All parameters and selectable options are described with help functions to ensure an easy operation of the detect 3004plus

detect 3004plus features:

  • Up to 20 fire control panels in one network
  • Redundant version of the fire alarm system for highest reliability
  • Optional modules allowing extinguishing control according to EN 12094
  • Operation and programming via software tool dpt and diagnostic tool I-Check
  • EN 54 conform, easy and clear display of all messages



Automatic detectors

automatic detectors

To detect fires in the earliest stage was one of the main targets within the development of the detectors of the loop3000 system. The elements are based on the EN 54 standards and meet the demands and requirements of the international markets. Extensive analyzing methods and combinations of different sensor criteria and complex algorithms guarantee an easy operation and comprehensive maintenance and diagnostic features. The detectomat-protocol allows a detailed analysis and an adoption to the ambient conditions of the according application.
Redundant measurements ensure a high functionality and reliability.
The system parameters allow an easy operation and maintenance. Special integrated software features can control all measurements and analyze accordingly to adjust the system performance to the application.

Features at a glance:

  • The addressable detectors are manufactured according to EN 54-5, -7, -17* and -29
  • High variety in design
  • Patented measurement methods
  • Verification and elimination of disturbance values
  • Controlled quality and retraceability
  • Fast and reliable fire detection
  • High operation reliability – low operation costs
  • Automatic and manual addressable options

* only for types with description PL 3300